“Battle for the Mind”

William Sargant – Battle for the Mind – Project: MKULTRA/MONARCH human experiments in mind control and brainwashing, such as psychic-driving, de-patterning/re-patterning, narcosis induced prolonged sleep, verbal abuse and other forms torture are used in the creation of an individual with designed intellect is a Monarch individual with a divided mind is 100 percent controlled by handler is always nearby to this victim of crime against humanity and crimes of warmongering interests and excessive greed valued higher that you, your loved-ones, me, my family, and any person’s human rights and rights to their God given rights to (natural) human freedoms.

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Refer to (sources shown below, sources with associated urls “links”) support and proved what I already wrote is (de facto) true.

I highly recommend watching the video [ ] if you want to know the real truth behind “Monarch Programming”/”Spellbinder operations,” in the “Gateway Process/Orion Process” domain in the Monarch Parlance, [is continued on the next post].


Jesse Ventura TV interview with Monarch Delta Slave. See video below.